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Celebrate Senior Pets in the New Year!

By January 7, 2016 Uncategorized

Happy New Year to you and your fur-friends!

Did you know that senior pets often will not show signs of illness until the illness has progressed significantly? Has your faithful companion been slowing down recently? Maybe not so interested in food as before? Losing a little bit of weight?

These can all be signs of illness in aging pets and are not signs of “normal aging” or “getting old”. The sooner that certain age related conditions can be detected the better we can treat them and the more time you can have with your beloved friend. Pets are considered to be senior at the age of 7 and it is recommended to have them checked twice yearly after they reach this age. We can diagnose many age related changes with an exam, blood testing and/or xrays and can often treat early issues with diet change, supplements and/or medication.

For the month of January we are offering all senior pets that come in for vaccines and/or wellness check ups a Senior Pet Wellness Package! This first package includes a full physical exam, geriatric blood testing, urinalysis, and an ECG! Package number two includes all that AND xrays!

Please call our office today to set up your Senior Pet Wellness appointment!

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