Veterinary Office Assistant

Born and raised in the BC interior, I moved to the Greater Vancouver area in 2014 to pursue my education at BCIT for Mechanical Engineering. Unfortunately, this was not the right career path for me and instead, I moved over to the TV & Film Industry completing my certificate as a makeup artist. Though the film industry does have its pros, I decided it would be best for me to take my leave and continue on in an administrative role, leading me to find myself at RAH where I am able to fulfill at least a small portion of childhood dreams to become a veterinarian.

At home, we have a full household. My partner and I have two very unique personality cats, Q and Bubba. Bubba is a fat scaredy boy whereas Q is an adventurous little girl. Our cousins also live with us with their dogs Luke and Pepper. It seems like an odd combination but Q, Luke and Pepper are the best of friends and often play outside together while Bubba sits brooding in the doorway. If you ever see us all out and about, please feel free to come up and say hi.