Technical Assistant

Born and raised in Langley, BC from a young age Kerri had an extreme passion for all animal despite having extreme allergies to dander. Her parents couldn’t keep her away from dogs, cats horses… anything with fur! Ignoring her parents coupled with her overcoming allergies, Kerri moved to a home on an acreage where cattle was raised and horses were boarded allowing for her passion of animals to grow.

Kerri is a proud mother of two Corgis, Murfy and Nebraska, and diabetic cat named Chip. She began working at Richmond Animal Hospital in the Spring 2016 and considers her colleagues family. Kerri’s favorite part about her job as a veterinary assistant is keeping all pet patients comfy with lots of bedding lining they kennels plus giving tones of love. Future plans include attending school to become a Registered Veterinary Technician allowing her love of being a veterinary assistant move further into a career of veterinary technician.