Office Manager, VOA

After being in restaurants and retail store for most of my working life, I needed a change so I enrolled in the Granville Business College Veterinary Office Assistant program. A short while after completing it, I was hired at RAH. This year will be 13 years I have worked here and in that time I have experienced many things. The best things about working here are our great clients, their great fur-friends and my co-workers.

I currently have a dog names Loki. Loki is the perfect dog for my family because he can be energetic when on walks and at the dog park, but he is very laid back and lazy at home. Just like us! He never misses an opportunity to help clean food off the table as soon as our backs are turned and has also helped get rid of some of my son’s toys by eating them.

My interests include reading, and since I also have a human child I don’t do much else, but child/family activities. But, that’s ok with me because seeing my son happy is better than anything else.