Technical Assistant

Born and raised on the beautiful east coast of Nova Scotia, I completed both undergrad and grad studies in Arts & Science leading to post-grad studies in Special Education north and south of the border, taught elementary school in downtown Toronto, have traveled the world, most recently completed Veterinary Assistant certification and am currently pursuing Animal Health Technician Certification while working as a technical team member at RAH.

Personal experiences with rescuing, caring for and homing a feral feline population in a downtown Toronto neighborhood coupled with having my own furry family I’ve decided a change in my career path to that in the technical aspect relating to the care of animals is my true passion.

I enjoy being able to apply what I am learning in technical school directly in a clinical setting, helping each and every pet reach their optimal health.

My furry family, consists of three cats “Cheyanne”, “Camdyn” and “Chloe”, and last but certainly not least, one dog “SeaHorse”. Shortly before our relocating to the west coast, he was welcomed in to the family as he was my grandmother’s companion prior to her passing away. “SeaHorse” has become top dog amongst the EXTREMELY accepting felines. Don’t let his small stature and senior age fool you, he is a one owner K9 and is definitely not shy to let everyone know it!